Gav SarafianLevel Designer

I’m Gav (she/they).

I make games and write stories that explore neurodivergency, subcultures, queer + trans identities, and the thoughts which flutter by late at night.

I have worked in games for almost a decade, and am dedicated to pushing the medium forward with inclusive, diverse, and meaningful stories.

I’m a multidisciplinary storyteller and believe in taking a holistic approach to crafting worlds for audiences to explore. Everyone on a team has something to contribute; I believe that immersive, believable stories are made better by collaborating with a team with diverse voices and experiences.

I’ve worked for several years as a co-organizer for a large studio’s LGBTQ2S+ employee group, and am drawn towards projects and teams which prioritize inclusivity, diversity, and worker well-being.

Outside of games, I'm a performance artist, like going on adventures, dancing, playing co-op games, and darning socks. 🧦💜

Looking for my 3D art? You can find that here.