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Independent Work

Cave Drive

Cave Drive Cave Drive is a feature-rich first-person platformer contained in a single level. Explore a detailed environment while solving puzzles, dodging bullets, and figuring out how to secure a reward! You'll find yourself swinging from grapple points, speeding down ziplines, and more.

Created in Unreal Engine 4 over two and a half months, Cave Drive challenges you to explore a subterranean environment, solve puzzles, and make off with a reward.

More information & playable build


Fortune is a short first-person level where you have a conversation with a Fortune Teller robot, talk about existential subject matter, and maybe end up with a sweet new toy!

Created in Unreal Engine 4 over three months, Fortune was built to showcase skills with branching dialogue systems and scripting. Assets self-made (minus audio + base textures).

More information & in-browser playable build


A Semi-Fictional Experiential ADHD story, based on real-life experiences with ADHD. Navigate your way through several vignettes as you learn more about how structural barriers and attitudes can create a difficult environment for those whose brains work differently.

Built in Twine over several months in 2020. Over 1750 plays to date! Read the Artist Statement here.


A full-featured, standalone first-person level, featuring scripted mission objectives and UI elements. Infiltrate an abandoned lab in search of secret documents — Turning the power back on awakens more than just its experiments, however.

Created in Unreal Engine, with entirely self-made assets.

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Third-person dungeon crawler level. Features include a modular dungeon kit, platforming sections, and several scripted events (like unlockable doors, camera changes, puzzles, and an "achievement" UI element when a secret is found).

Built in Unreal Engine. All assets by myself.


A simple "fetch quest" level, built in Unreal Engine. Features include a custom UI inventory which is triggered via script when items are collected, and scripted events (ie; a window breaking, a portal appearing when conditions are fulfilled). All assets by myself.

A magic apprentice is sent Downtown to gather reagents necessary to open a Portal. They must find the strange items, hidden around a conveniently small section of town.