Gav SarafianLevel & Narrative Designer

Level Design


A complete first-person level, featuring scripted mission objectives and UI elements.

You are an Agent, sent to retrieve files from a supposedly abandoned lab– but as you make your way further inside, the building itself becomes aware of your presence.

Built in Unreal Engine. All level design, art, models, textures, animation, scripting, lighting done by myself. Features include: UI Objective system which updates after each task is completed; a lockpicking puzzle, and platforming. Custom scripting was also implemented to allow for the player to pick up an object and move it around.


Third-person dungeon crawler level. Features include a modular dungeon kit, platforming sections, and several scripted events (like unlockable doors, camera changes, puzzles, and an "achievement" UI element when a secret is found).

Built in Unreal Engine. All assets by myself.


A simple "fetch quest" level, built in Unreal Engine. Features include a custom UI inventory which is triggered via script when items are collected, and scripted events (ie; a window breaking, a portal appearing when conditions are fulfilled). All assets by myself.

A magic apprentice is sent Downtown to gather reagents necessary to open a Portal. They must find the strange items, hidden around a conveniently small section of town.