Gav SarafianLevel & Narrative Designer

Script Samples

Dandy Smokes

Some may question the wisdom of launching a cigarette product during a respiratory pandemic, but those folks don't smoke Dandy Smokes! A faux commercial featuring an existing, established character.

Written, filmed, and edited by me, in collaboration with a friend. Script available here.


A small-town necromancer finds herself out of work during the Plague. In a how-to style clip, Auntie Hexel teaches you another way to bring lost soles back to life... Sockromancy!

Written and filmed by me as a personal challenge over a week. See below for the finished video.

Script available here.

In The Lair of the Spider Queen

A lighthearted take on a fairytale-type story. A young damsel seemingly finds herself lost in the woods, while a mysterious creature spies on her from afar.

Upon being captured and presented to the vicious Spider Queen, however, she doesn't seem at all afraid - in fact, she seems excited to be there!

Too excited, to the Spider Queen's chagrin.

Script available here.