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Screenplay Script Samples

Bites With Boucle

Boucle, a recently disgraced potionmaker, hosts a cooking show as part of his community service hours to regain his potion making license. In the show, he teaches the viewer how to make hummus! What could possibly go wrong?

Written, filmed, and edited by me. Script available here.

Dandy Smokes

Some may question the wisdom of launching a cigarette product during a respiratory pandemic, but those folks don't smoke Dandy Smokes! A faux commercial featuring an existing, established character.

Written, filmed, and edited by me, in collaboration with a friend. Script available here.


A small-town necromancer finds herself out of work during the Plague. In a how-to style clip, Auntie Hexel teaches you another way to bring lost soles back to life... Sockromancy!

Written and filmed by me as a personal challenge over a week. See below for the finished video.

Script available here.

In The Lair of the Spider Queen

A lighthearted take on a fairytale-type story. A young damsel seemingly finds herself lost in the woods, while a mysterious creature spies on her from afar.

Upon being captured and presented to the vicious Spider Queen, however, she doesn't seem at all afraid - in fact, she seems excited to be there!

Too excited, to the Spider Queen's chagrin.

Script available here.

Other Scripts

Commercial: "Indifference: Distinguished"

Commercial: "Indifference: Argument"

Stageplay: The Eternal Cocktail

*Some Mature Content